Christmas Cheer

Christmas is here, and to celebrate, we’ve made you some costumes to show off your holiday spirit!

Candy Cane Cutie By Spotted DragonCandy Cane

  1. For the dress, friend [sparklyreddress], or get it from Spotted Dragon’s photos by friending [hermionegranger8989]. This is easier than getting it from its original source, which is one of the random NPCs on PoptropiCon Ep. 1.
  2. Get the white moto jacket from Bucky Lucas on Reality TV. If you want, you can also get his white pants as leggings.
  3. Get the plain white belt from the dummy inside the Exhibit Hall on PoptropiCon Ep. 2. If you have Lagoona’s belt from the old Monster High ad, you can use that, too.
  4. Get the hair from the Mythology Surfer costume in the Store. A cute ponytail, such as the one from Sasha Capone in PoptropiCon Ep. 3 or the Biker Girl one, also looks really pretty for this look!
  5. Get the bangs and earrings from the Pop Star costume in the Store.
  6. Get the messy bangs from the Vampire Girl 3 costume in the Store.
  7. Get the red lips from the Biker Girl costume in the Store.
  8. Wear the wings from the angel costume in the store. If you can’t/don’t want to spend the credits, go for the fairy wings, a popular item that you can costumize from people in common rooms.
  9. If you still have it, hold the Little Candy Cane, which is an expired Store item.
  10. OPTIONAL: Get the golden fairy/butterfly follower from the Followers: Classic Pack, which you can purchase for 250 credits in the Store.
That’s it, you’re done!

Holiday Spirit By Jumpy Starfish
  1. Get the shirt from the pirate guarding the warehouse on Bouffant Bay on Skullduggery Island.
  2. Get the skirt from the girl standing outside CJ’s apartment on Shrink Ray Island.
  3. Get any open hair. (Maybe from the girl standing outside CJ’s apartment on Shrink Ray, or from Black Widow posing as the investigator)
  4. Get the belt from the man on top on the Globochem on Virus Hunter Island.
  5. Friend [brownskirtgirl] and get the lips.
  6. Get the scarf from the Timmy Failure exclusive scarf item in the store. (This costs 75 credits. If you can’t/don’t want to spend that, then get the plain red scarf from Spotted Dragon [hermionegranger8989]’s closet)
  7. Get the bangs from the Pop Star costume in the store. (An alternative would be the bangs from the girl you see upon entering Reality TV Island)
  8. OPTIONAL: If you still have it, hold the candy cane handheld item.
That’s it! Thanks for reading!

Happy Holidays from the PCC!