The Zodiacs: Sagittarius

Yay, Sagittarius time is here! 😀 Rock your Sag swag (That was terrible…) in style in these two costumes.


Stylish Sagittarius

By Spotted Dragon
  1. Get the top from the closet of the lovely Perfect Sky [stupiddirectord], who has a fabulous youtube channel that you should all check out! *One of Sagittarius’s colors is purple.
  2. Get the skirt from [purpleskirt4]. *Again, purple!
  3. Get the belt from [bronzeyay]’s closet. *Sagittarius’s other color is blue.
  4. Get the necklace from the woman in purple outside the castle on Astro Knights. *Again, blue!
  5. Get the bangs/earrings/blush from the girl in aqua with fruit on her head on Main Street, Mythology. *More blue, yay!
  6. Get the lips from the girl with goggles on Steamworks. If you haven’t reached this point, friend [brownskirtgirl] and costumize. *Sagittarius’s element is fire. However, it’s mutable fire, which means it isn’t ENTIRELY fire and the element is interchangeable, so isntead of a deep red, I went for something a little more toned down.
  7. Get the hair from Vampire Girl 1. *Again, going with the fire theme. The shape of the hair looks a little like an upside-down flame.
  8. Using the free Colorizer feature inside the New You on Home Island, dye your hair a bubblegum pink, a shade somewhat similar to your lips. *Tourmaline is Sagittarius’s gemstone. I went for a more muted tone, as something too intense would have overpowered the costume. Imagine it as the translucent gem sparkling under white light, which would make it more accurate.
  9. For the finishing touch, get the quiver and bow from the Robin Hood costume in the Store. *Sagittarius is the Archer zodiac.
That’s it, you’re done!

Sagittarius Sag
By Jumpy Starfish
1. Get the hair from the barista in the Queegueg Coffeehouse on Back Lot Island.
2. Get the shirt from the pink Prom Queen costume.
3. Get the skirt/track pants thing from Oliver in Mystery of the Map Island.
4. Get the belt and bow from [dolphinyay]’s closet.
5. Get the coat from Willy Bingleman in the Queequeg Coffeehouse on Back Lot Island. You can also get it from the girl you first see upon entering Red Dragon Island.
6. Get the plain bangs from the girl you first see upon entering Reality TV Island.
7. Get any pink lips.
That’s it! Thanks for reading!

We would love any feedback, as well as your ideas for the theme! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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