Dinner Party

Hello Poptropicans! We’re back again, this time with some gorgeous dinner party looks! Jumpy Starfish’s has got some effortlessly casual elegance, while Spotted Dragon’s is full of formal flair and some hidden gems of costume parts you wouldn’t expect!

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.40.51 AM

Party Pretties

By Spotted Dragon
  1. Get the shirt from the woman who wants to find her husband at Fort Ridley, Skullduggery.
  2. Get the necklace from the girl in pink at Golden Harbor on Skullduggery (or just get it from [poptropicacostumecreator]’s closet). An alternative is the feather boa from the girl in yellow on Main Street, Mystery Train (or just get it from [hermionegranger8989]’s closet).
  3. Get the skirt from [pccreddragon]’s closet, or from the samurai who ask for your passport on Red Dragon (you can access this even as a non-member).
  4. Get the belt from the white Ninja costume that you get after your ninja training on Red Dragon. If you can’t access this, it looks great even without a belt! An alternative is Triton’s belt from Poseidon’s realm on Mythology.
  5. Get the lips from the girl outside CJ’s house on Shrink Ray.
  6. Get the hair from Biker Girl in the Store, or just any randomized NPC (think Early Poptropica Main Street) with a ponytail.
  7. Get the bangs and earrings from Pop Star in the Store.
  8. Get the over-eye bang from Prom Queen in the Store.
That’s it, you’re done! 🙂

Party Gal Outging Gal
By Jumpy Starfish
  1. Get the shirt from the lady tending the pumpkins on Skullduggery Island.
  2. Get a plain, black skirt, with bare legs. Again, you can find this on an NPC or just costumize it from [dolphinyay].
  3. Get the coat from the girl you first see upon entering Red Dragon Island.
  4. Get the hair from the girl standing outside of CJ’s apartment on Shrink Ray Island.
  5. Get the bangs from the Pop Star costume in the store.
  6. Get any pale lips.
  7. OPTIONAL: Get the cocktail glass from [dolphinyay]’s closet.
That’s it! Thanks for reading!

So that’s all for now! Tune in later for a really, really cool theme that we’re super excited about! 😀

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