Fall Fashion 2015 No. 1

Fall is most definitely here, even here in sunny California! Here are our costumes to celebrate!

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 4.03.00 PM

Fall Chic No. 1

By Spotted Dragon

  1. Get the shirt from the man right next to the blimp on Main Street, Astro Knights.
  2. Get the brown plaid skirt from the old Monster High ad if you have it saved anywhere. If not, get it from the knight in brown near the large bow and arrow on top of the castle on Astro Knights. The only difference is that the Astro Knights one has brown tights instead of bare legs.
  3. Get the red moto jacket from Sasha on PoptropiCon: Spoiler Alert (Episode 2). It’s also available in Jumpy Starfish’s closet (friend dolphinyay ).
  4. Get the belt from the model on the far left in the In the Now! store inside the mall on Night Watch.
  5. Get the hair from the Mythology Surfer costume (select Zeus), which you can get from the Store.
  6. Get the top bangs from the Vampire Girl 3 costume, which you can get from the Store.
  7. Get the earrings from Aphrodite in Posiedon’s realm’s beach on Mythology.
  8. Get the lips from the Biker Girl costume, which you can get from the Store. If you don’t have it and/or don’t want to buy it, you can get the lips from the girl outside C.J.’s house on Shrink Ray.

That’s all!

Casual Mall Shopper Fall Fashion

By Jumpy Starfish

  1. Get the brown fringed shirt. You can find this on a random stroller on Poptropicon, or get it from my closet (friend dolphinyay ).
  2. Get the scarf from the policewoman (Tessa Turncoat) standing at the costume closet on PoptropiCon.
  3. Get any blue pants.
  4. Get the shopping bag from [ashleylara7]’s closet.
  5. Get the navigator’s hair from Skullduggery.
  6. Get the Pop Star bangs.
  7. Optional: Get the cat-eye glasses from a random walker in PoptropiCon.


First “normal” post, yay! I hope you liked these! We’ll probably be doing more fall stuff this season, too!

– The Poptropica Costume Creators


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