The Zodiacs: Scorpio

Here are the next costumes in our zodiac series! Because this range of time, October 24 to November 1, is Scorpio, that’s our sign!

SD Scorpio

Spectacular Scorpio

By Spotted Dragon

As a water element that needs a color scheme involving red, Scorpio was a doozy! I think this came out pretty well, though!
1. Get the hair from the Gamer Girl costume in the Store or from the girl in black on Main Street, Cryptids. *I wanted something sleek and straight but definitely interesting to embody this sign!
2. Get the curved bangs with the gold earrings from the girl outside CJ’s house on Shrink Ray. *Scorpio is represented by a scorpion, and scorpions have curved tails, so I emulated that with these bangs. Also, one of Scorpio’s birth month gemstones is citrine, which is yellow, so I wanted to include that, too.
3. Get the swept fringe from Spotted Dragon’s photos or from her closet. This used to be on Reality TV, but the NPC was replaced. However, it’s very easy to find in common rooms, as it’s very popular! *I wanted to give that layered, complex look to the hair, the same kind of appearance that Scorpio is known for.
4. Get the top from the girl dressed as a Viking in the bathroom line on PoptropiCon Ep. 1: Line Forms Here. *Scorpions are normally black, so I added that element!
5. Get the plain red skirt from Spotted Dragon’s Arabian Nights photo. *Red is Scorpio’s main color, so I wanted to include that as much as possible.
6. Get the pearl necklace from the lady dressed in black inside the B.A.D. Bistro on Spy Island. *Scorpio’s element is water, so I added pearls, which come from water!
7. Get the belt from the lady in blue inside the princess’s room on Astro Knights Island. *Again, citrine! I also wanted to include a white/silver part to this color scheme, as red/black/silver gave off a mysterious impression that is one of Scorpio’s traits, along with incorporating a little white topaz that could also represent opal, Scorpio’s other birthstones.
8. Get the lips from the Biker Girl costume in the Store, or just costumize it from Spotted Dragon’s photos. *Red!
9. From the free Colorizer inside the New You shop on Home Island (or maybe the Colorizer gold card from the store, though it’s a bit of a waste now), dye your hair a deep red. You have lots of room with this, so pick your favorite shade! *Again, red is Scorpio’s color!
You’re done!
Did you like it?
Any feedback is totally welcome! 🙂

Modern Scorpio
By Jumpy Starfish
Hey guys! So since this month’s zodiac is Scorpio, I decided to do something lusty and red. Scorpio’s not just about the scorpion, there’s other factors, that are included in my costume below. Pearls for its element of water, and red for the color of the scorpion. Hope you enjoy!
1. Get the shirt from the devil costume in the store. (It’s free)
2. Get a plain black skirt from a randomized NPC. (Make sure the legs are bare)
3. Get the hair from the red mythology surfer in the store. (Note that this costs 75 credits, so if you don’t have that much or you don’t want to spend it, then a nice alternative is the hair from the purple sunbather in Poseiden’s realm in Mythology Island.)
4. Get the plain bangs from the girl next to Mike’s Market in Reality TV Island.
5. Get the pearl necklace from girl in pink from Golden Harbor in Skullduggery Island.
6. Get the lips from the biker girl in the store. (If not, then any red lips would work)
That’s it! Thanks for reading!

That’s all for now! We’ll be posting out Halloween stuff soon, especially as we’re participating in the PHB ( Halloween Costume Contest 2015! We want to post the guides so that you can all wear the fabulous stuff we’ve come up with!

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