The Zodiacs: Libra

Hello all! We are going to start a series for zodiac signs on Poptropica. Not all of our costumes are series, but many of them are. Because the sign for this month is Libra, that’s what we’re going to start with!

The Zodiacs: The Modern Libra
The Modern Libra
By Jumpy Starfish
1. Get the shirt from Spotted Dragon’s Skullduggery Photo. (Friend hermionegranger8989)
2. Get a plain, black skirt. (Make sure the legs are bare) You can find this on a randomized NPC from any island.
3. Get the red leather jacket from Sasha Capone on Poptropicon: Spoiler Alert!
4. Get the hair from the Vampire Girl 1 costume in the store. (It’s free)
5. Get the bangs from the lady in orange with the fruit on Mythology Island.
6. Get any soft lips.
That’s it! Thanks for reading!

The Zodiacs: Classic Libra (Spotted Dragon)

Lovely Libra

By Spotted Dragon

  1. Get the shirt from the girl in blue on Main Street, Mythology (NOT the one with fruit on her head!). *This is a symmetrical tank top, and, as Libra is balanced scales, this fits perfectly! Also, Libra’s element is air, and the sign itself is very focused on cool colors, so I chose something in a pretty shade of sky blue.
  2. Get the belt from Triton on the beach of Poseidon’s realm on Mythology. *The white accessories reference opal, the birthstone of October, which is the main month of Libra.
  3. Get the hair from Aphrodite on the beach of Poseidon’s realm on Mythology. *Roses are one of Libra’s flowers. Also, the color of the roses is reminiscent of tourmaline, also one of Libra’s birthstones.
  4. Get the skirt from the policewoman outside the Costumizer booth (Tessa Turncoat) on PoptropiCon: Line Forms Here (the first episode) or on any other PoptropiCon episodes she appears on. *Again, Libra, air element, so floaty clothing.
  5. Get the bangs from poptropicacostumecreator ‘s closet. I have no clue where they’re from, but I saw them, liked them, and managed to get ahold of them! *They certainly look nice, and they add a little extra interesting detail to a costume that might otherwise be passed off as plain. Pop star bangs/earrings are a lovely alternative, if you prefer them!
  6. Get the lips from the girl in the grey skirt on Main Street, Cryptids, or from the Angel costume in the Store. (The purple lips from the girl inside Herc’s Hero Hut on Mythology, or Aphrodite’s lips, or Pop Star lips, are pretty alternatives.) *Again, symmetry!
  7. Get the necklace from the girl in pink on Golden Harbor on Skullduggery. (Or from poptropicacostumecreator ‘s closet, if you don’t want to go all the way there.) *Again, white accessories
  8. Go to Home Island, and go inside the New You shop. Use the colorizer there to dye your hair a deep blue-violet. A bluish lavender also looks pretty, if you want to try that out! *One of Libra’s flowers is the bluebell, and so I incorporated that color into my costume.
  9. OPTIONAL: Get the golden butterfly follower from the classic pack. *Butterflies are symmetrical, and they also fly in the air! This is just an fairylike, ethereal touch for this look.
You’re done!
Did you like it?
Any feedback is welcome! Comment below!

Tune in next month for Scorpio! We’ll also be posting some other lovely costumes in between that time, including our spoooooky Halloween stuff!

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